here cuz u can !!
Puerto Rico
i love EDM sow this is all you gonna see here pure and simple PLUR !!
i like arts geeky stuffs video game and beautiful and sexy things love to party and music, and all the things that give pleasure in life ;)
Y seguimos celebrando mi b day  (at La Mala Vida)
Los calbitos (at La Mala Vida)
Mojito de passion  (at La Mala Vida)
Happy birthday to me!!  (at To Go 24 Hours (calle Loiza))
Buen provecho  (at Bistro Café)
Asi comenso  (at To Go 24 Hours (calle Loiza))
Well good bye social life
Pues.  (at El Boricua)
Nectar rejuvenecedor luego del work  (at La Chola)